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Writing Software

Still Intellectually Sexy After All These Years

Despite your feelings about Microsoft, the above video shown at a recent Build conference is fun. It talks about the joy that comes from being able to write software. Stumbling across it was extremely timely.

Recently my days have been about everything surrounding the act of developing but not the actual writing itself. It's the price of having more responsibility, I suppose. Business requirements meetings, installation of Jira as the new company issue tracking standard, researching tool chains, coordinating payroll, managing moral, filing payroll, etc. are vital to a successful project — they also aren't coding.

The first program that I ever wrote was in MS-BASIC on the family's Tandy 1000 TL/2 computer (around 1990). Cribbing lines from the monthly Tandy User's magazine, I managed to make a seizure-inducing strobing effect by looping through all available 16 colors. It was completely useless. However, it was enough to elicit a "You did that?" from my Father. That was all it took.

I'm experiencing much of the same delightful surprise as I pivot from CFML to Django (or more correctly, Python). With a new language comes new challenges, constructs, and ways of doing things. But seeing a world of one's one making appear, whether after compiling or after refresh, remains a thrill. Everything else is just maintenance.