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Tradegrade Hackathon Day 5

Winding Down, Recalibrating

Changing Priorities

Grinding through a number code reuse issues today. It bothers me that Codiqa's default rendered assumed a multi-page jquery mobile template. Much of the past two days has been reformatting things to work in a much simpler, reusable manner. I understand the thought that having the entire site loaded at once is supposed to make static sites fly like lightning. But for dynamic sites it buries any muscle brought to bare by the server beneath unnecessary ajax.

During this process I also decided it was worth kicking the tires on a new IDE. For the past several years I've been using Eclipse. I've tried other software like Dreamweaver, ColdFusion Builder and online projects like Bespin (now know as Mozilla Skywriter) and Brackets. However, those didn't stick. In each case it felt like I was having to sacrifice something to have "the latest thing".

Sublime Text 2 is delightfully different. After getting up to speed with hotkeys it was the first code editor where I didn't feel like I was missing something. In fact it uses almost a tenth of the memory that Eclipse does. It's been fantastic experience - when I'm not fighting with the new jQuery paradigms.

Tooling success aside, I don't have much enthusiasm to work on this project today. It is probably a matter of having done nothing but this for four days straight. I've certainly spent more time working on projects than this but never in such concentrated, unbroken spans. The mind craves diversity.

This is where a partner would be useful - someone to bounce ideas off of, provide encouragement, and alleviate doubts that have crept up. Am I missing something? Am I trying to do too much? Too little? Did I pick the right technology? Is anybody really going to use this? Having a trusted voice for perspective is certainly welcome.

It's a moment when the code just gets sloppy - I'm mis-typing variable names, getting confused at simple language functionality, and forgetting mid-sentence what the row I was on was supposed to accomplish.

I made great strides on the project. I don't think I would have been able to get going on this project without this "dev launch". Getting started was the first challenge. But now its important to pivot to carving out time to continue the positive momentum. Code is a product of inertia. Maintaining that without having sole focus is the new challenge.