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Intro to Gamification Talk

Leveling Up Interactive Experiences

Great Expectations in Gamification

I'll be giving my newest presentation, Intro to Gamification, at the next Denver ColdFusion Users' Group meeting. If you're looking to +1 your existing business processes, level up customer engagement with your site, or better motivating people inside and out of your organization check me out on October 10th. From the official teaser:

"Gamification is the application of game design elements, thinking, and mechanics to non-game contexts. When done correctly, gamification untaps the hidden fun in your business to influence people for the better. Examples include everything from StackOverflow's points system to the profile completion meter on LinkedIn to the deeply integrated and addictive NFL.com "Fan Rewards" promotion.

"In this presentation Matthew Reinbold will cover the basics of gamification including how it differs from games, the serious principals behind fun, and the deeper role points, leaderboards, and challenges play in motivating people. He'll then demonstrate how these concepts are applied across a number of industries in real-world examples. Finally, Matthew will demonstrate 'off-the-shelf' solutions for developers to get up and running quicker than you can say 'But our Princess is in another castle!'

"Matthew is a Senior Applications Engineer at Placewise Media and Creative Principal at Vox Pop Design. He is not a fantasy football expert but plays one on the Internet ( @FakeExpertFF ). He also loves recreating that programming scene from Swordfish in the hopes that one day it might actually work. It hasn't. He blogs at http://voxpop.co/go.cfm and is a habitual retweeter at @libel_vox. "

And no, we won't be covering any "Punch-the-Monkey" like Flash games.

The results of the talk are now available online.